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rodents. She knows that if prairie dogs were to face extinction, an essential part of the grassland ecosystem would be missing, and the rest of the grassland would be directly, negatively affected. Their burrows provide protection. Another component of prairie dogs is that they are social, loving creatures. Although both authors have valid points, I find Williams argument more compelling. No plus ones no shares Post has attachment College m Add a comment. We are living amid a sixth extinction, writes Niles Eldredge, a curator at the American Museum of Natural History, one that, according to the Harvard biologist.

They also aerate the soil and contribute to water drainage underground. They are not just pests either, as agreed upon by Outwater and Williams. Extra Credit: Williams relates prairie dogs to mosaics by proving that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. She witnesses a man talking to and affectionately petting the belly of a prairie dog (Williams 66). Where would she go? Species such as turtles, skunks, snakes, toads, prairie chickens, tiger salamanders, rabbits, eagles, hawks, coyotes, foxes, and many more will not have a place to abide.

The prairie trilogy includes: Prairie rose, Prairie fire, Prairie storm. Teacher ENG December 2016. Prairie dogs create habitats for other species, because over 200 species live nearby prairie dog burrows. Read Prairie Widow by Harold Bakst online on Bookmate Jennifer Vandermeer hated Kansas. Get the Prairie Widow at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings.

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She also goes into greater depth of the prairie dog environment as a whole. They kiss when they greet each other, as a way of distinguishing one from another. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys. No plus ones no shares, post has attachment, what Is A Business m, add a comment. The temperature underground is convenient for species living there, being as it is warm in winter, and cooler in the summer. Prairie dogs contribute to the welfare of animals around them in many ways. The prairie dogs also help to increase the amount of water that makes it underground, which enhances the productivity of the soil. In the book, A Sea of Grass, by Outwater, she delivers a strong argument as to why prairie dogs are beneficial to the grassland ecosystem. Walter had not been long among us before he was taken away, but, uh, he was a good, uh, farmer and a good, uh, man It just didn t make sense. Both Outwater and Williams have extreme arguments as to why prairie dogs should be protected.

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