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Eventually, Celluloid would be applied in motion-picture film, and even today, the adjective "celluloid" is sometimes used in relation to the movies. The most basic synthetic monomer is ethylene (C 2 H 4 a name whose-ene ending identifies it as an alkene, a hydrocarbon formed by double bonds between carbon atoms. His daily subway commutes to Manhattan sparked his writing, which resembled the style and vocabulary of his cinema as revealed in an excerpt from his 1988 essay Early Role Models: It was thrilling to ride the jam-packed subway trains to work in the morning: discreet. Entrancing use of dreamlike musical collage merges with fluid hand-held camerawork to express the inner turmoil of Wendel, who is caught between his diminishing sexual interest in a current girlfriend and unfulfilling gay relationships. Curt circulated a petition to get George hired on a permanent basis, arguing that the school needed new blood from outside, new influences. I dont know what was wrong with those women, but I do know what was wrong with those women, they had ulcers, some of them were eaten up alive they were like men with wigs. "Polymers and Liquid Crystals." Case Western Reserve University (Web site).

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