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than in any other activity. Dont wait until a fatality or serious injury occurs. In any theater of operations, safety efforts should focus on applying risk DA PAM November 2001 5 management to ensure safe mission accomplishment. Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to Headquarters, Department of the Army (dacssf 200 Army Pentagon, Washington,. These controls were put together in what is known 30 DA PAM November 2001 as the POV Toolbox. Platoon sergeants and squad leaders policing their soldiers can prevent most of these accidents. Two activities that continually top the list of causes of off-duty accidents are privately owned vehicle operations and sports or recreational activities. DA PAM November 2001 31 (c) An explanation of local, state, or foreign-country traffic regulations and enforcement policies.

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(5) Ground-guide procedures and signals. Revises procedures to install and execute an effective unit safety program (para 2-2). 24 DA PAM November 2001 Appendix A References Section I Required Publications AR 38510 with change 1 The Army Safety Program (Cited in paras17a(11) and 41f.) AR 38540 Accident Reporting and Records (Cited in paras 17a(7) and 51e.) AR 38555 Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents. 38 DA PAM November 2001 Figure. Schedule activities on post to keep soldiers on post and off the road. Proper grounding procedures must be followed. Ensure vehicle fire extinguishing/suppression systems are operational and that crews are proficient in using the systems. (11) Acquire and maintain required references to perform assigned duties; AR 38510 and AR/DA PAM 38540 are essential in daily operations. The Army develops accident prevention programs and procedures as essay on tour controls for Army-wide hazards. The unit program should include specific guidance that outlines each level of responsibility and clearly reflects the command attitude toward vehicle safety. The fire department will (1) Respond immediately to the accident scene as appropriate. Turning a blind eye to a known hazard reinforces poor discipline and sets a new, lower standard.