fun expository essay activities

you to write a paper that is heavily based on outside research you've done. The hook should relate to your main point and should get your readers engaged so that they want to keep reading. Includes detailed assignment sheet, brainstorming worksheet, Helpful Hints posters, rubric and more! Once you've done your research, you'll need to write a thesis statement, which will be the central argument or point that you'll be making throughout the paper. Finally you should write an argument paragraph followed by a conclusion. Worth over 15 if purchased individually! Thank YOU" "A wonderful resource that involves little additional prep.

Submit Tips If you want to have a good college essay you should work very carefully. Once you have your introduction and your three body paragraphs, you should write a conclusion that wraps up the ideas you've introduced and explained in your essay. Is your tone detached, amused, slightly cynical, suspicious, or more passionate? The conclusion should do several things: 8 Restate your thesis Remind the reader of your main point Refer back to an anecdote, statistic, or fact in your introduction (optional) Leave the reader with something to think about beyond the words on the page 3 Remember. Each lesson provides you with clear instructions, writing prompts/assignments, organizers, examples and rubrics! The introductory paragraph and the thesis should work like a road map to the rest of the essay, so that the reader knows what to expect in the rest of the paper. 3, define your audience.