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Hindus are the majority group in Batticaloa; their social formation is based on a rigid kuti (matrilineal clan) system. In my experience in Kahirgaman, when I went with my parents, sister and brother during 1950s to fulfill a vow, the temple was crowded and there was no francis bacon essays analysis of friendship place to keep our baggages and sleep. Up to the door steps. There is separate access for the Muslims to this tomb. Kuveni and children moved to the fotrests in Uva province. It is believed that the tree blooms if women eat under its shade or beautiful women spits.

As a poet and a political journalist, Cheran refused to align himself with any of thesis statement what it means the several Tamil militant groups that were active in Jaffna at the time. Senpaga Perumal was sent to capture Nallur.,He destroyed the temple that existed at Kurukkal valavu. Patterns of worship at Mantr are ancient and virtually identical to those in Katirkmam. It is surprising to note that the intra-muscular injection of the oil taken out of punnai seeds reduces the pain in leprosy. Bhogar was an expert in siddha medicine and it is said that according to the last wishes of his guru, Bhogar proceeded to China to spread the knowledge of siddha sciences. Ganesh the eldest brother of Murugan played an important part in the love affair of Valli (Veddah girl) and Karthigeyan. The area was inhabited by educated people and the place is called Tellipalai. The water of Keerimalai had curable properties. Side by side with his academic career, he has continued to write his poetry and to contribute to literary and political journals. Maviddapuram temple, many years ago was a small place of worship. .

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