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Psychical Research, 1, 249-258. James on the goal of psychology - a modest little slide show.

Site includes: Chronology, biographical info, photos, and sketches. Mind and Body : Descartes to William James, by Robert Wozniak of Bryn Mawr.

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Just trying to be helpful. Essays in Radical Empiricism From the Mead Project at Brock University. A brief commentary by Sandra Stahlman. The Council on Spiritual Practices offers The William James Awards, Funding for Masters' Theses and Doctoral Dissertations on Primary Religious/Spiritual Experience. James on the teaching art, on interest, on how an individual settles into a new opinion, on truth (theory, reality on memory, and, of course, on habit. These lectures comprise the entire text of The Varieties of Religious Experience, but they are nicely organized. They did for James and for other philosopher-mystics of his day. Introduction to The Principles of Psychology, by Robert Wozniak. William James, from Genius in the Family Cameo Biography, PBS. James's Pragmatism and American Social Thought, video lecture by James Kloppenberg, Harvard.

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