short essay on invention of zero

as a number. We can say that the computer is the best invention of man, but only when it is operated with human brain. The sum of zero and a negative number is negative.

Short essay on invention of zero
short essay on invention of zero

The Hindus depicted zero as a dot. The symbol for 0 in the Mayans looks like a bowl or an eye. This led them to production of the first four-stroke. The Islamic and the Arabic mathematicians took the idea of the Indian mathematicians further west. There are many ways in which the computer has an edge over man. If someone were to build an automobile like that education grant writing services uk of Lenoirs today it would be nothing more than a go-kart. He was the first mathematician to use the concept of zero.

Zero is a special number.
If there are zero things, there are no things at all.
For example, if John has zero hats, that means he does not have a hat at all.

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