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/ Nietzsche/ Marx ). The Last Days of Emmanuel Kant and Other Stories by Thomas de Quincey. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. Typewriters that work are developed but only type capital letters until 1878. Jack Londons - best money making author of the world, in his private life a year of catastrophes: alienation form his daughters, troubles with bess, loss of unborn children by Charmian, failures in agricultures, Wolf House burns down.

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One of the first who follows the gold rush to Alaska "Grubstaked" (funded) and accompanied by his elderly brother-in- law, Captain James Shepard. . Withdrawal of Federal troops ends post Civil War "Reconstruction" period in Southern.S. Pedro Pramo by Juan Rulfo. Writes feverishly but unsuccessfully on a borrowed typewriter with only capital letters. . Tales by Rudyard Kipling. Lewis Carroll writes poem "the Hunting of the Snark". Get more details on the offer here. (JL Source: JL HT ) Jose Marti leads revolution against Spanish rule in Cuba.G.

The Snark sets sail Discovering that Charmian's Uncle,  Sailing Master Roscoe  Eames, is incompetent, London teaches himself  navigation and arrives safely in Hawaii Stay in Hawwian Islands, Visits and writes of the leper colony of Molokai The Road  published (Macmillan) his wonderful account of adventures. An Experiment with Time.W. Flora supplements family income of her  small pension by teaching music, also takes Johnny Miller, son of John London's daughter, Ida, into her home where he is raised. Magazine accepts "An Odyssey of the North"  for publication in January 1900, fee.00.

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