anthology submission essays

believe it is important to highlight women in this particular anthology. I wrote this poem with help of my older brother Allan which I dedicate this anthology. Strike one, Strike two, on the way to an out. 10 symbol This concludes a poem about a mini baseball hero. Everyones welcome to watch in any stadium or state.

Anthology submission essays
anthology submission essays

This collection of personal essays will focus specifically on womens stories, about the joys and challenges of their relationships, their experiences with child-rearing, how they relate to their communities and families, how they create their own identities in the unique liminal zone of the interfaith. The Creative Challenge, we invite artists and writers to reflect on the essence of compassion and create intellectually and emotionally engaging artworks capable of inspiring compassionate thought. The length may be 1,000-2,000 words (but I am open to any reasonable length, shorter or longer).

Hila Ratzabi, Editor, advertisements. B This poem is describing a fly ball that someone caught. Our desire is to see work that transcends the obvious and engages the viewers on a deeper level. Include your name, a short bio, and email address. Poem about baseball, baseball is a game, It has a Hall of Fame. Playing in the late 1800s,.

Your pride builds as you run the bases: First, Second, Third. All new accepted work is eligible for our exhibitions. To donate directly to the World Wildlife Fund, please click here. Ball hits 5 Sometimes 35 bat, or it ball gets hit hits mitt. But down the roll, the final scroll, shows only, how he played the game. He is a hero for saving the win. Stephen Stepanchev, May Swenson, in his American Poetry Since 1945: A Critical Survey (copyright 1965 by Stephen Stepanchev; reprinted by permission of Harper Row, Publishers, Inc.) Harper, 1965, pp202-04.