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the dramatist's one. The thesis statement provides the main point of anthology submission essays or ideas within your essay. And, if you really want to make your final paragraph impressive, make a note of our writing tips below after all, essay conclusion samples can only be useful if you understand what a quality conclusion should be like and what purpose it serves in your. Any less, and you probably haven't summarized your points enough; any more, and you're probably rambling on a bit too much. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline: Introduction. Much of the time, essays are very rational, forgetting about emotions. If you want to avoid this unfortunate situation, consider looking at some essay conclusion examples on the web. The conclusion is the easiest part. However, by urging the readers to think, you get them emotionally and intellectually involved in your work, which is always a plus for all essay conclusion samples.

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In other words, your conclusion should answer the question. If that doesnt work or youre still feeling a bit unsure, read more about this type of essay. In the simplest terms, a compare and contrast essay takes two subjects (i.e., objects, events, people, or places)closely related or vastly differentand focuses on what about them is the same or whats different or focuses on a combination of similarities and differences. Argue a point with supported facts. 4 Keep new material out of the conclusion. Detail #2: She often can be found protectively cuddling the stuffed animal in her sleep and making sure her owners give it plenty of love, too, by pushing the drool-covered plush in their faces at any opportunity. Paraphrased: Dogs make the best pets in the world. If we want to build a world with less violence we must begin at home, and we must teach our children to be responsible.

There are several formats for writing a compare and contrast essay, but Ill use point-by-point organization to make my outline. (For this reason, its usually a good idea to write the introduction last.) Since thats done, well move on to Part B, the body paragraphs. High school literature paper conclusion example.

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