short essay on nightingale bird

the student if he brings her one. The student is the symbol of the young and naive person who is, at first, passioned by his philosophy books before he gets attracted in the arms of Love. Birds are some of the most amazing animals on earth. . As a nightingale, I would be adored by the people for my sweet songs. Oh, if I were a bird! Bird lays eggs, and hatches the young ones. Beauty and art were the measure of all things. The theme is conveyed in this story through the actions of the Nightingale. A bird with two strong wings, some day I could fly to a fairy land and see many strange things that I cannot even imagine now.

A complication, therefore, starts from that point when a conflict of an absence of a red rose arises. Birds like the peacock and cock cannot fly high. Therefore, the Nightingale thought wrongly that the Student was a true lover and tried her best to help him. She had to build it out of music by moonlight and stain it with her own hearts blood. We provide excellent essay writing service 24/7 the essay must contain two essential elements:. Some birds cannot fly, penguin is one such species. Robert Frost: Poems Summary and Analysis of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (1923) What is a Comparison / Contrast Essay? How are these themes shown in this story? The crow and cuckoo are black in color. Nightingale and the, rose. Birds like the eagle, the vulture, the kite and the hawk can fly very high in the sky.