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or water and kept moist with a cover of fresh leaves. In his work he also reiterated the common advice to avoid pregnancy such as holding one's breath during intercourse or sneezing shortly after. For example, Cato strongly believed in the medicinal properties of cabbage ( brassica ). The fourth book of the Regimen is the earliest mention of the topic of dream medicine. It was also thought that the soul continues the work of bodily upkeep even when a person is sleeping. The caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it Greek symbols and gods greatly influenced ancient Roman medicine.

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In hospital settings, doctors were able to observe sick patients, instead of depending on supernatural forces to perform miracles. Greece's influence, nevertheless, on Roman medicine was huge. He would issue precise instructions on how to prepare the cabbage for patients with specific ailments. Celsus, another of the great Roman medical men, for example, describes the ingredients of a pill used to treat a bad cough: saffron, myrrh, pepper, costmary, galbanum, cinnamon, castoreum, and poppy tears. CE) gave midwives and wet nurses advice in his Gynecology stating they should be literate, sober, discreet, knowledgeable of both theory and practice and not be influenced by superstition. Miasma was perceived to be the root cause of many diseases, whether caused by famine, wars, or plague. Gladiators were often wounded, sometimes badly, and doctors had to treat them, and learnt about the human body.