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Some people eat packed food and throw the wrappers out of the car or bus windows. The city that my parents have chosen to live in is Delhi. My place is dear to me because I have so many friends here. Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy. The excavation has uncovered pottery fragments, shells, horse skulls, and human remains in fetal positions, poised for rebirth.

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Lets hope that I will like my own nest and will do everything to make it the most beautiful place on earth. It's a beautiful city. But people who live there are proud of them and like them very much. There, engineers discovered a gravesite that pushes the city's first inhabitants back to the 7th millennium when agriculture spread from Anatolia - as Turkey is also called - to the Balkans. The name Istanbul is also said to come from the Greek, eis tin Polis; simply, to the City.

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