vanishing animals essay

surprising that people are taking advantage of these features by killing them and selling their body parts in the market to earn money. We have provided essays under various words limit on animals such as cow, dog, horse, elephant, monkey, ostrich, tiger, lion, and many more. There are two species of elephant, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Some people, especially in China, Singapore, and Taiwan, think that horns can be useful for medical cornell thesis writing prompt purposes, but this is only a superstition.

They are the island fox, the sea otter, California condor, Loggerhead sea turtle, Cantors giant softshell turtle and many others. Do You Know: There are over 100 essay topics that get repeated in PTE Academic Exam. The increase in urbanization and industrialization has consequently increased the demands of the population. The problem of endangered species is very urgent. Animal needs three essential things to live; fresh air, pure water, food and place to live.

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One more significant cause is the human factor. Various measures like building sanctuaries, strict action against poaching and wildlife activism have already been taken up which has resulted in an increase in the population of wild animals. Such immense pressure on resources to provide for everyone requires new industries and luxuries which are too, obtained at the behest of our ecosystem. So what we can do to help the endangered animals in the world. The animals are becoming sort of trades in poor places around the world, where no local markets to deter the hunters. The White Rhino is the second largest animal with a big head, two different horns and square-shaped lips. In the end, it is up to the humans whether to co-habit the environment with other wild animals or face a bleak future of restricted species of the animal kingdom. It includes data about extinct species, species which are of the lowest risk and species of other groups depending on the risk level.

A lot of such unique animals are on danger list and so many already vanished from this earth. Youth Crime Essay Causes Solutions. Animal Extinction Essay Animals Are On The. The reason I have choose endangered species for my essay is, over the years, many people have. Forgotten about the animals of this planet.

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