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as n jong, progressiewe Katoliek beskryf word, byvoorbeeld geskryf: Ongeag watter probleme ons het met die leerstellings van die Katolieke Kerk, ons klou nog steeds vas aan wat ons saambind. T (v) (dated) to attempt (something) ; to try to do (something) The procedure was first essayed in 1923. Up to now, 1,244,166 words and expressions have been searched, among 6,595 today. JW_2017_12 af Andrei het sy opstel met hierdie woorde afgesluit: Ek glo nie dat ek daarby sal baat vind om hierdie boek te lees nie. The reflective Montaigne wrote about himself with startling frankness, capturing his fancies about the intimate things of life with superb skill and setting them down in a vivid and arresting way. En When she was in sixth grade, Holly and her classmates were given an assignment to write an essay on the question How would you solve the problem of terrorism without using violence? Francis Bacon was the first great English essayist, although his Essayes (1597; enlarged editions in 16) are utterly different from those of Montaigne. JW_2017_12 af Verder het Luther se latere verhandelings oor daardie Jode wat geweier het om hulle tot die Christelike godsdiens te bekeer, veral Oor die Jode en hulle leuens, veroorsaak dat baie die skrywer as anti-Semities bestempel het. En In an essay that he wrote for school, Michael stated: JW_2017_12 af In n opstel wat hy vir die skool geskryf het, het Michael ges: en In An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, Roman Catholic John Henry Cardinal Newman admits that items.

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Home, contact, place the code below wherever you want the dictionary widget to appear on your website: form method"get" 1px target blank" input type"text" style"width:100" name"q" value"Translate from English to Afrikaans here." data-default"Translate from English to Afrikaans here." onfocus"if(lue type"submit" style"float:right" value"Translate" span. En (Acts 2:34, NIV) In addition, David Clines, in digital dissertation abstracts his essay Yahweh and the God of Christian Theology, points out: One result of the absence of Yahweh from Christian consciousness has been the tendency to focus on the person of Christ. A written composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. They come from many sources and are not checked. Lamb's essays combine humour, fantasy and sentiment with a gift for perceptive observation of life, all expressed in a highly personal style.