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- Make your point again with a concluding sentence, and, if necessary transition to the next paragraph. Supporting sentences that include facts, statistics and logical reasoning are much more convincing that simple statements of opinion. In this type of questions you're given a text that contains from 5 to 8 paragraphs and a list of headings. Answers, concluding sentence - Phrases such as 'To sum up 'In conclusion and 'Finally' introduce a concluding sentence. Paragraph A, after reading this paragraph we can clearly see that its main idea is to describe the wildlife in Australia during Pleistocene. So the main idea of paragraph D is The largest mammal. Supporting sentence - This sentence provides information about current teaching practices as a means of supporting the main idea.

Usually there can comparative essay islam judaism be up to 2 extra headings. So we can immediately cross out the irrelevant headings: Extinction of monstrous creatures (there is nothing written about animals' extinction in the first paragraph). Nowadays, teachers realize that students need to actively practice their writing skills though review of basic concepts is also required. Paragraph E The whole paragraph is dedicated to the giant lizard Megalania. Previous lesson Next lesson.

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