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we have severely limited its appeal. The tone, in turn, conveys our attitude toward our audience and our subject matter. In the few cases where the division of a word is really necessary, use the syllabification indicated in the dictionary. Examples of two-syllable words that should not be broken: about, along, away, abridged, elect, enough, snowy, hairy, weary. We use contractions all the time in casual conversation, of course, and using contractions in our text will convey an informal quality. You need to know some special vocabulary for graphs.

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If the word ends in ling, check the dictionary, as there may be surprises. (Septicemia is what killed Muppets creator Jim Henson several years ago.) Or instead of a cold, he has an infected cut that won't heal, or any other common bacterial disease, such as an ear or prostate infection. Syllabification, if you need to divide a word at the end of a line, it should be done according to the rules of syllabification (also called syllabication that is, division of words into syllables. Two consonants between two vowels can be divided if the first consonant ends the syllable, and the second consonant begins the syllable: bor-der, lin-ger, mas-ter, blis-ter, fil-ter, bur-den, car-pet, ban-quet, wor-ship, cor-vette, recog-nize, expen-sive, collec-tive, respec-tive. Audience, one difficulty in writing for a course is that it's hard to think of the reader of our essays as an audience.

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Theoretical subjects such as mathematics, philosophy and economics should be removed from university curricula and replaced with practical subjects such as computer programming and engineering.
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