father and child gwen harwood essay

says, Let him dream of a child obedient, angle-mild which in the poem represents the child is trying to against her fathers order and acts as individual. "I stood holding my breath, in urine-scented hay" the use of smell image allows the audience to visualise the smell of the old barn, and feel as thought they are standing beside the child. If you are hesitating to place an order just ask for a"!

Nightfall is suggesting that although loved ones pass, it is important to hold the memories shared close; so spiritually, they are never really gone even though physically they have passed. The use of the metaphor "Master of life and death, a wisp haired judge" describes the power that the child has hold in form of the gun. She may have been quite content with her life until she realised what she was missing out on a).

All of word processed essay her energy has been devoted to her husband and children, and when she sees her ex-boyfriend, she feels a certain resentment for her selfless giving, and wishes that she had taken another path. The type of change that the woman experienced was a change in lifestyle, because of her circumstance, which, in turn, has changed her emotional and physical self, and the way she looks at and experiences life. Harwood sets the poem in the point of view of the child as it allows the audience to into the child's thought and emotions. This imagery is used as though her life is being 'swept away' by the wind, and nothing can ever be done to change that. Added: 12/25/2011, category: Literature / English, plagiarism level of this essay is: 89). This description of the child is later contrasted in the fourth stanza, I watched, afraid by the fallen gun, a lonely child who believed death clean and final, not this obscene bundle of stuff. In this time, men were still dominant, and only very few women entered the work force. The woman seems to have a loss of self (caused by the burden of responsibility and has lost her previous spontaneous nature and love of life, which she sees reflected in her ex-boyfriend.

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father and child gwen harwood essay

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