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was second in hierarchy only after King Philip in Portugal. From May 1974 to the end of the 1970s, over a million Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories (mostly from Portuguese Angola and Mozambique) left those territories as destitute refugees the retornados. Citation needed Estado Novo (19331974) edit Main article: Estado Novo (Portugal) Portuguese colonies in Africa by the time of the Colonial War.

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In 1483, Diogo Co reached and explored the most meaningful volunteer experience essay Congo River. To what extent was the peace settlement following the Algerian War (19541962) successful? However, Liberal government did not last long. Analyse the reasons for, and the results of, the breakdown of democracy in Nigeria (19611966). In 1419, Joo Gonalves Zarco disembarked on the Island of Madeira. 108 a b c Livermore (1969),. . 58 The Council of Portugal remained independent inasmuch as it was one of the key administrative units of the Castilian monarchy, legally on equal terms with the Council of the Indies. The Third Portuguese Empire, 18251975: A Study in Economic Imperialism (1985) Crowley, Roger. This 1755 copper engraving shows the ruins of Lisbon in flames and a tsunami overwhelming the ships in the harbor. In 1624, the Dutch seized Salvador, the capital of Brazil; 60 in 1630, they seized Pernambuco in northern Brazil. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was the Portuguese capital between 18In 1820, constitutionalist insurrections took place at Oporto (24 August) and Lisbon (15 September).

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