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not something that is defining for their personality or self worth. Having re-read the briefs, you should be well aware of the weaknesses of your case. By showing empathy, you are basically starting to see what is bothering them, and, as soon as that happens, you can offer feedback that is easier to accept and understand by the other party. But I dont think we need to rely on formalities. When a judge interrupts you to ask a question, you should immediately stop talking.

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Most humor falls flat. One very intense feeling you may experience when you have a debate with someone is anger, as you feel like you are made a fool of, but anger will sabotage all your chances of making your voice heard. The appellee may simply repeat what is in their brief. Pretend that you are a judge and come up with questions. 7 Avoid a lengthy recitation of facts. It's really about how you state what you want; and if you are confident, a good listener, and logical, you can't lose. 6, create a cheat sheet of important facts and legal authority. The witness never said, Hes the one. Realize that the judges can cut you off with a question at any time. If you need help remembering a fact or case name, refer to your cheat sheet in front of you on the podium.

This is precisely why I pounced on the opportunity to write a post about how to win an argument.
If you present your argument in a confident manner.
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