columbian exchange disease essay

they teach them the alphabet for trade, but they taught them it because they wanted to educate the natives about religion. It was a time of cultural exchanges between the New World and the Old World. European diseases wiped out most of the Native American population. The most deadly killer was smallpox, the most infectious disease at that time in the Americas.

Ask our professional writer! The exchange of diseases, plants, and animals lead to a global cultural and economic shift throughout the Old and New Worlds following Christopher Columbus' 'discovery' of the Americas in 1492.

Columbian exchange disease essay
columbian exchange disease essay

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The term is used to describe the enormous widespread exchange of agricultural goods, livestock, slave labor, communicable diseases, and ideas between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres that occurred after 1492. In this time, graduation research paper on teenage pregnancy in ghana many people were making discoveries that would affect the Worlds in a positive way, but also some discoveries would be negative. The Eastern Hemisphere saw an influx of raw materials, new staple crops, and the income from and production of growing crops that were too resource intensive for Europe and Asia. The smallpox epidemics probably resulted in the highest death toll for Native Americans. For example, the slash-and-burn method was used to improve their hunter-gatherer lifestyle.