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for computer systems with multiple processors, memories and communication networks. The student will attain the ability to design basic network services and implement network Systems. Contents From a calculator to a stored-program computer The functionality of a calculator: electronics to perform arithmetic operations; memory to store partial results.

Humphrey, Addison Wesley, 2000 Software Engineering A Practitioner's Approach European Adaption, 5th Edn., Roger. MTech - 2 years, the MTech degree is a first level degree in Computer Science for graduates in any engineering discipline except Computer Science. In this course, the student is introduced to both formal and less formal techniques used for requirement and domain analysis. In that sense it is a basic, first level course meant to provide the prerequisite for further study.

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Version control on object and executable files (e.g. Standard Data Types Fluency is to be achieved in the standard data types: numbers, boolean, character, tuple, list. Murty 1976, MacMillan Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science, Deo, Narsing 1974, Prentice Hall Concrete Mathematics, A Foundation for Computer Science, Graham,. Two main parts of the processor apart from these interfaces: data-path (where computations take place) and control (which supervises the data-path) An important aim of the CO course is to understand the internals of these parts, and the interactions between them. Laziness The use of infinite data structures to separate control from action. Propagation of roundoff error Interpolation and approximation Interpolating Polynomials, Existence, Error and Convergence of Interpolating.

In contrast to hardware based projects, matlab projects (software based) give least exposure on the real time hardware applications which seriously limits job opportunities for engineering students in industries. The intrinsic value of specification apart from programs. Environment In imperative programming there is a single implicit environment memory. Ravindran, D, Phillips, J Solberg, John Wiley Pub, 1987 Linear Programming and Extensions, G Dantzig, Princeton University Press, 1963 Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour,.