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host John Stossel, in 2013, went through the ridiculously long process of trying to obtain a concealed carry permit in New York City, which also operates under a may issue law, and he was ultimately denied. One Republican voted against the bill, and two Democrats voted for. Criminals, like everyone in society, make the choice to engage in activities that will provide them the greatest net benefit. Have accepted that concealed carry is a losing issue for them and they are attempting to implement the most restrictive measures that they can get away with, similar to the way concealed carry is handled in New York City. It simply removes an administrative process for those Kansans who want a firearm for use within the state. Despite strong empirical evidence that restriction of access to firearms reduces suicides, access to firearms in the United States is generally subject to few restrictions In a survey of 36 wealthy nations, the United States was unique in having the highest overall firearm mortality rate. The reason is that there is always a chance that victims would be armed. If citizens are permitted to carry concealed guns in public areas, criminals are also more likely to be armed. For instance, the shooting spree on the campus of Virginia Tech that killed thirty-two people was less likely to happened or killed less people if the gunman couldnt carry a handgun.

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Ian Ayres and John Donohue, Law graduates from Stanford and Yale, say: While certain facially plausible statistical models appear to generate this conclusion, more refined analyses of more recent state and county data undermine the more guns, less crime hypothesis. To sum up, carrying concealed weapons in public threatesn the constitutional order. Currently, thirty-one states have enacted nondiscretionary laws, and there are substantial statistics available regarding the crime rates both before and after the passing of these laws. Stossel said he was receiving a number of online death threats, thus justifying his need for a permit for self-defense, Lott explained. However, it might be easier for that person to misuse his guns and be involved in criminal activity if the person happen to be an American citizen and own a murderous weapon, as America is a country flooded with guns.

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