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to make her own choice weighing. The story revolves around the life of Katniss, a young woman, trying to feed her family and help them survive. The author has been able to portray a wonderful story of love, hate, well as unity and the guts to have fighting instincts and patience within an individual; all the qualities that help him assist his own family in surviving in the modern day. She came up with the idea while channel surfing and watching real war footage and reality. Starry Class A Metaphor, reality or illusion? To my surprise, The Hunger Games demonstrated a well thought plot, conflicting love, triangle and intense life or death matters. If you look deeper into the story, you can see it as much more than that. In China, this movie will not be shown in theaters. The Hunger Games Book Review Essay.The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games is more than just a best seller.

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Download full paper, gRAB THE best paper, read Text. This romance is what people think attracts teen girls into watching. The Hunger Games is a mysterious, intriguing and thrill-seeking movie, its directed by Gary Ross and its based on the novel by Suzanne Collins. It is a vortex into a futuristic United States that offers morals and themes that can relate to todays society. I isb essays 2011 really enjoy the movie and I feel amazed after watching.

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