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At the beginning of the story, Jem only thought of bravery as touching the side of the Radley house, only because "in all his life, he had never declined a dare. The tree was still alive and healthy. This showed his immaturity because even though he knows that these facts are false, he still continues to be ignorant of his beliefs, and does not rationalize with himself that the descriptions of Boo Radley were highly impossible. Dubose simply had her own views on things, and that her fits were from her addiction. Jem has matured significantly throughout the course of the novel.

Jem, finch, maturity, essay eNotes How does Scout and, jem mature during the novel?

This is very adult-like as it shows that Jem has finally been able to essay writing eslflow rationalize and analyse the situation, and to put himself in the shoes of Dill's parents should they be worried. They try to play tricks on Boo. Instead, Tom Robinson is found guilty. To Kill a Mockingbird is about a young girl named Jean-Louise Finch, her brother Jeremy Finch and many other characters. However, upon maturity, Jem possessed a different kind of courage moral courage, which is to do what is right even if it is not popular, or if it might anger those around him. Whenever Jem was rebutted by Scout, and he knows what she says is true, he would often relate her to a "girl" who "always imagined things" and "that's why other people hated them so".

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