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main features. Try to analyse the essay - why is it worth band 9? Swedens divorce rate was about 45 in 2011, being higher than Finlands rate by approximately. Subscribe for free ielts lessons, in this lesson were going to learn how to tackle bar charts in, ielts Writing task 1 questions to get the highest score. General overview, specific features, lets look in detail how to apply this structure. This paper is then sorted by hand and separated according to its grade, with any paper that is not suitable for recycling being removed.

The flow chart shows how waste paper is recycled. Then, it rose to almost fifty percent in 2012. Subscribe to DC ielts by Email. Use word overall to start your general overview.

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Recommended Lessons, sharing is caring. There were four sports in which boys participated more than girls. Introduction, you should start your answer by writing an introduction. In academic task 1 it is important to learn how to read a chart and a graph. At the first stage in the paper recycling process, waste paper is collected either from paper banks, where members of the public leave their used paper, or directly from businesses. Both countries divorce rates had some fluctuations. Many candidates make the mistake here of including as much detail as possible in their report. However, the figure experienced a steady growth during the next two years.

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