essays on racism against muslims

misunderstandings about Islam also lead to the image of Muslims as threatening people. When Osama's extremists attacked the US, the public was stunned and immediately wanted to know why (US Commission on Civil Rights). We believe the term African, in it self, is racist.

essays on racism against muslims

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Racism against innocent, muslims ;.

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"Historical Events and Spaces of Hate: Hate Crimes against Arabs and Muslims in Post-9/11 America." Social Problems.1 (2011 21-46. Founded on principles of religious freedom, Muslims have traditionally been met with indifference over hostility, and few instances of religiously motivated violence and public outcry were noted prior to 9/11. Following the terrorist attacks, there were numerous instances of Mosques attempting to portray themselves as an active component of the ideal American community, often reiterating their longstanding 'assimilation' into the country's socioeconomic fabric (Leonard, 2294). Your review has been posted. Federal raids aimed at "terrorists" in the US targeted people recognized as Muslim leaders (US Commission On Civil Rights). Moreover, the medias portrayal of Islam and the notion that congress has labeled terrorism as religion driven has also been influential. Akhavi also outlined the historical decline of Islam as a civilization and the present challenges in assimilating themselves in the West. How the perception of Muslims changed. Muslims in the US are also facing danger from ordinary US citizens. The entire international and domestic Muslim community was irreversibly altered by the actions taken by Al Qaeda. Wounded and limping from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, America carried on, not without anger and fear against a group of innocent Americans, Muslim Americans. Most of these crimes also had geographic patterns.

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