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to make sure value responsibility essay you understand the material. Sometimes, reading textbooks and review books can get tiring. You should be spending 20 minutes on each long FRQ and only 6 minutes for each short FRQ. When DNA replicates, each strand of the original DNA molecule is used as a template for the synthesis of a second, complementary strand. From Framingham High School for the tip!

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Botany is the scientific study of plants. ( 2011 AP Bio Exam ) Describe Provide the characteristics/properties of a term or concept. Check out our Best AP Biology Review Books of 2015 to find out which review book is best for you. Dont just rely on factual regurgitation. . (Fun fact: 3 students out of 214,000 got a perfect score!). Answer the question as concisely as possible. Genetic code, names and phases of mitosis, epistasis and pleiotropy. Its important to only buy a review book that has been published in 2013 or later, since the exam was completely redesigned in 2013. Practice working with Hardy-Weinberg formulas, Punnett Squares, and Chi-Square tests.