i carry your heart with me analysis essay

dear thus to make his readers constantly used to the fact that the woman acknowledged is his own.I carry your heart in mine also has great voice throughout its line. In the last and final stanza,.E. The exaggeration though brings in the powerful feeling of love, but on the other hand it constantly reflects the picture of someone actually carrying a piece of his loving soul. Here is the deepest secret nobody knows (Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud.

In the very first stanza of I carry your heart with ME, the poet deliberates his sheer passion and love for a mysterious, unknown woman who in actuality fails to exists in the poets life, but definitely hovers around  in the mind and imaginations. They are neither multifaceted nor do they mystifies  one. As  Cummings directs his verse to the one lady he is obsessed with, he uses words that is restful and consoling.

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These terms caresses and haggars one in as they are well-known province to the greater part of us who have skilled in love. The phrase only me is you doing, my darling can be explained as the reflections of the of the unknown lady in the day to day activities of Cummingss life. The poem is on the subject of the unconditional love articulated from a gentleman to a woman. They are direct from the heart and one can easily experience that they are all the way through the entire poem. Point of view: First Person, external structure: flows, no punctuation, structure and rhyme scheme: irregular rhyming. Died September 3rd, 1962 The genre of this poem is romance. As long as you are with me nothing else will matter, i want no one else but you whatever good things happen, you are the cause love is the meaning of life people are afraid to commit to relationships, making the beauty of life not.