columbine school shooting research paper

study to find out if people tended to associate the violence of school shootings with mental illness, at the expense of other factors such as the availability of high-capacity magazines. Although the vast majority of mentally ill individuals are non-violent, 42 some evidence has suggested that mental illness or mental health symptoms are nearly universal among school shooters. 124 Coburg shooting Coburg, Germany July A 16-year-old student, known only as Florian., shoots and wounds his teacher and an intervening school psychiatrist before taking his own life. Toews, a schoolteacher, confronted on the road three school trustees with whom he had some problems, drew a revolver, and shot all of them.

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The shooter was later shot and killed by police after a massive three-day manhunt and a 30-hour standoff at his home. 9 According. Retrieved Cramer, C 1993. A study of 48 shooters found that though white males constituted 79 of secondary school shooters, white males were actually a minority among college and other adult perpetrators. Retrieved December 28, 2012. A b "Bulletproof school supplies get low grades from safety experts". Retrieved August 19, 2012. "One teacher stated that although essays about myth of erosion she is pro-gun, she does not feel as though she could maintain gun safety on school grounds (Reuters, 2012). 151 Beirut Arab University shooting Beirut, Lebanon January 25, 2007 4 Four people were shot dead in clashes between pro- and anti-government activists on Thursday and about 200 were hurt in the violence that flared after a scuffle between students at a Beirut university.

columbine school shooting research paper

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