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that he wanted us to keep things like they were, because we were playing baseball and we were integrating situations in other areas. And thank you for speaking with us today. Hank Aaron: Satchel and I he was before my time of course but I happened to play with him the last part of his career, thanks to Bill Bartholomew, who was the Chairman of the Board and owned the ball club at the time. And I can remember many nights, many nights my brother and I would be out playing baseball, just throwing the ball, because we didnt have any lights. Everybody cant play in Chicago. I mean a great season. I think I had two or three hits, so they felt very well. He played in six World Series and was the first African-American in the Baseball Hall of Fame (in 1962). He later cashed his first checks as a pro athlete playing football for the Honolulu Bears and the Los Angeles Bulldogs, and continued to nurture his interest in other sports right up until the start of his Major League Baseball career.

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Jackie Robinson 's accomplishments on and off the field opens doors for all African Americans.
Robinson s older brother was a silver medalist at the Olympics.
Jackie Robinson s youth in California, his older brother Mack was a star sprinter on the Pasadena Junior College track team.
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I didnt know how to accept it, really. But you werent crushed by that experience. In 1965, he made history again when he joined ABC-TV Sports as the nations first black baseball announcer. You were only 18 years old. Really, it was so rewarding to me, because when I got to the big leagues I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of mistakes. I felt like I need to be ahead of him at all times, and thats what happened. Bunting with runners on third base, and running when I shouldnt have been running. I want them to understand that regardless to how bad things may be one day, that you can wake up tomorrow, and things are going to be a whole lot better tomorrow.

paper about jackie robinson

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