honesty is important in friendship essays

your friends are. Honesty in Friendship Essay. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. That was very thoughtful or That is a good example or I appreciate all that you have said today ( Teaching, No Greater Call 1999, 64). Essay on Honesty Friendship.In a friendship relationship honesty is the most important trait one should have. Friends can listen to you and give you help and advice if you want that from them, or they can just listen. . What tests of honesty do the young women face in their lives? My assumption that everyone would be honest with their fellow man was severely skewed due to the rich and. A dishonest person is disbelieved and hated by all. As the sun is known by its clear rays, so an honest person can be identified by his simple nature and amiable behaviour among many.

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And when everyone knows it, Pinocchio is very sad and decided to be honest ever again and at last he has many good friends. An example of this believes in each other is when a friend borrows money and they say they will return it the next day. Dibbs talk I Believe in Being Honest and True. Tell your friend the secret as soon as you can and they will respect you even more for being so honest. Why is college important to me? If you are honest, more people will believe you. You don't need permission from them, it would just be a courtesy that you should do, just so there isn't alot of drama and hurt feelings. . It is therefore important whom to choose as a friend and this decision has to be wise enough as your friends reflect what you are. Another reason it is important is it opens my eyes to see a better future and quality of life for those around.