effective sales presentation

scope of the syllabus). We would even go as far as to make this 90/10. Accounting data is often presented in the form of tables of numbers, sometimes simply as a print out from a spreadsheet or reports from an accounting software package. It is the back wall of the column that provides the accurate value.

Use bullets or short sentences, and try to keep each to one line; that is, without text wrapping. Both of these chart types provide the reader with a clear indication of the fairly gradual increasing trend in total sales and with the help of the gridlines, the approximate sales values achieved each year can be read from the chart.

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Bar charts are similar to column charts and are used to present similar types of information but the data is presented in the form of horizontal bars rather than vertical columns, so the years are still the independent variables and therefore are still represented. Use A Call To Action At The End. To illustrate the point of ensuring that an appropriate chart type is selected, some data has been presented using an inappropriate chart type resulting in ineffective communication of information. Column, bar and line charts can all be used to show multiple data sets provided that the numerical range of the data is similar. Large or small, there is a relative level of importance associated with. If the computer that you plan to give your presentation on doesn't belong to you, make sure that it has adequate disk space so that you don't have to present from. Often the data being presented in this type of chart spans a number of time periods such as years, quarters or months but these types of charts can also be used to represent data from one time period but, for example, from different regions. A pie chart also shows the breakdown of the components of a total figure but each pie chart can only show the components of a total for one period (or one product/location etc).

Check all colors on a projection screen before giving the actual presentation.  If you can do this youre well on your way to more business. Chart A uses the same data as Chart 2 but the line graph is less effective for this type of information as each divisions performance is not necessarily connected to the previous divisions performance but by connecting the points on the line this graph seems.  The moment sales professionals lose sight of this and only speak to their capabilities is when they lose more sales presentations.