essay on importance of practical education

it becomes really important for proper growth and utilization of your knowledge that you have a practical edge too, otherwise, there is no point having theoretical knowledge also, when you cant apply it in practice. Remember the first impression is last, and if you are successful in giving out the first impression successfully at your job, you tend to gain the trust of your seniors and also some useful tips from them. Practice can only take you so far. Theoretical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through seeing it in context of a greater whole and understanding the why behind it, but still practical gives out the much wider review of the facts. Entering the World of Employment with a Bang: Having a sound practical knowledge gives you an opportunity to show the organization your professional potential with a view to a future job offer.

When studying science, a person can learn about many things show more content, everybody goes to school to extend their knowledge, but studying science helps kids understand the world. Knowledge can be defined as familiarity with something, which can include some facts, information about a particular topic or subject, descriptions of experiment or study, or skills acquired through experience or education. Formal learning occurs normally in a prescribed learning framework and in an organized learning event in the presence of a tutor, who himself must possess clarity of facts. Theoretical Knowledge, theoretical knowledge is as important as the practical one. Having practical knowledge tends to make things interesting for you.

Work feels Good: Students entering professional life are found to fell really bored with the official work if they are new to such behaviour. It helps you understand why one technique works while the other fails. It is worth noting that not only in professional life; you need to have in good practical approach for your life in general. Lastly, studying science during a persons childhood years can inspire them to become real scientists themselves so they can deal with issues that are effecting the world. 693 Words 3 Pages, getting a science education in the 21st century can be very beneficial to children of all ages. Both works hand in hand with each other and even if we decide to compromise on one form, there is a great amount of risk involved when related to your career. Practical knowledge is found to be of much use in our actual day-to-day work. It brings together some of the foremost thinkers in this field to look at the evidence and the challenges facing policymakers. Rapid changes in working life, society and information technology have increased the demands for experts in every field. For example, if a person studies about a car and its engine parts in a classroom from books and presentation slides, he would, of course, have knowledge about what are the parts of the car, and what is the principle of working, but he would. For this reason, theoretical knowledge is usually gained by theoretical studies. The world is progressing day by day, and we are getting more and more modernized every day which demands a lot of changes from some previous conventional techniques that were followed.