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Graduate Coordinator within one year of entrance to the program, but can later be modified with approval from the advisor and Graduate Coordinator. (Seminar may incorporate a project and a final examination on the project.) Of the remaining 30 credit hours, at least 18 credit hours must be at the 60000 level or above, and only 12 credit hours may be at the 50000 level. If, in the opinion of the Advisor or upon motion duly passed by a majority of the Committee, it is deemed desirable to discontinue the Oral Defense, the Advisor may recess the Oral Defense until a time mutually agreeable to the Advisor, the candidate, and. Bugs in Writing: A Guide to Debugging Your Prose, Lyn Dupre, Addison Wesley, 645 pages. Students learn the hardware-software co-design principles and theory, architecture of the associated software and hardware, devices and sensors communication protocols and the interfaces to effectively design, build and evolve such smart devices and computer-driven intelligent physical systems. It is strongly recommended that students who plan to matriculate to the PhD program take the thesis option track.

The Computer Science Masters program includes three optional concentrations: Computer Data Science, Computer Engineering, and Computer Security. This committee will consist of a minimum of: The advisor, who will act as Chairman of the Committee Two additional members from the candidate's department. To enter this program, a student must: Apply to the graduate program in the normal manner Fill out the Combined Baccalaureate / Master's Program forms from Graduate Program Forms that includes: On these forms, the student must : List the hours completed to date and. The Thesis Committee This committee is composed of graduate faculty members and is appointed by the CS Graduate Coordinator, in consultation with the CS Graduate Studies Committee as necessary, when the candidate has developed an appropriate thesis topic and has an approved advisor. All students admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences essay on modern bridge to wiseman's cove are subject to time limits for completion of their degree. A Master's thesis committee must be formed that includes the advisor and at least two other graduate faculty members. When the advisor believes the thesis is ready for preliminary approval, it will be circulated in easily legible form among the members of the Committee. Only 3 total credit hours of Research (CS 69098) may be counted toward the degree, however, students are permitted to take this course multiple times. Style Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations Style Guide and Instructions for Preparing Dissertation and Theses for Electronic Submission are available from Graduate Affairs of the College of Arts Sciences. Both books have been recently updated and republished and sell for about 20 each. Master of Science, the Master of Science degree in Computer Science provide students with an educational and research environment to develop career paths through necessary training with emerging technologies. When, in the opinion of the Advisor, members of the Thesis Committee have had an adequate opportunity to question the candidate, the Advisor may open the examination to appropriate questions from others present.

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