essay on consumer rights and protection

growing by the day and so is the awareness of one's consumer rights. Right to consumer education. Kidd, A Replace, repair or refund? According to some estimates, in urban areas alone, there is a housing shortage of 17 million units. The market has for long made consumers believe that by consuming packaged food or mineral water, consumers can safeguard their health. The right to be heard holds special significance in the Indian context because Indian consumers are largely unaware of their rights and passively accept their violation.

essay on consumer rights and protection

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Promoting the use of products which are environmentally sustainable. Even when they have legal recourse, they prefer not to use it for criminal law burglary essay fear of getting embroiled in legal complexities. But owing to lack of consumer education, consumers are not aware of their rights and provisions under this act to safeguard their rights by complaining before the competent authorities for the re resale of their compliments. Young consumers should consume in moderation and buy a product on the basis of its quality and merit and not because of the brand image. tags: Changing Regulations, FAQ Research Papers 1287 words (3.7 pages) - Executive Summary Consumer behaviours have changed over the years; this is shown by consumers today purchasing a more healthy variety of products, as information today is known about products that was not known. In this chapter, we will give an overview of the 8 consumer rights, their implications and significance for a developing country like India, and also define the various aspects of consumer responsibility.

Are f ive main consumer protection laws which serve to protect these rights, they are:. In the Consumer Protection Law of UAE 24/2006, there are rights of the consumers w hich are The Right to Safety, The Right of access to Information, The right. Consumer rights AND their protection. Consumer means any person who (1) Buys any goods for consideration which has been.

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