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forming a chain. Cash In Advance (CIA A method of payment for goods whereby the buyer pays the seller in advance of shipment of goods. Item: Any unique manufactured or purchased part, material, intermediate, sub-assembly, or product. An example would be where Wal-Mart has a request for their own product codes to be applied to retail boxes prior to shipment. Co-Packer: A contract co-packer produces goods and/or services for other companies, usually under the other company's label or name. Also see: essay role of women in india Acceptance Sampling. When prices begin to plummet, the margin structures of older industries are also threatened. Many large retailers, particularly groceries and "big box" stores, are shipper-carriers. It is involved in all levels of planning and execution - strategic, operational, and tactical.

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Customer Service Representative (CSR An individual who provides customer support via telephone in a call-center environment. This helps ships avoid hazardous areas. Continuous Process Improvement (CPI A never-ending effort to expose and eliminate root causes of phd thesis on international financial reporting standards problems; small-step improvement as opposed to big-step improvement. Continuous Replenishment: Continuous replenishment is the practice of partnering between distribution channel members that changes the traditional replenishment process from distributor-generated purchase orders based on economic order quantities to the replenishment of products based on actual and forecasted product demand. Properly used, they will make your writing flow and make your text easier to read. Calendar Days: The conversion of working days to calendar days is based on the number of regularly scheduled workdays per week in your manufacturing calendar. Door to Port: The through transport service from consignor to port of importation. Exporter Identification Number (EIN A number required for the exporter on the Shipper's Export Declaration. All the items in the group make up a class. This is the average full-time equivalent employee in all functions, including sales and marketing, distribution, manufacturing, engineering, customer service, finance, general and administrative, and other.

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