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(27) of millenials held the belief that the Bible as the literal word of God compared with 28 among Generation. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Most of them believe that there is life after death; in the reality of heaven and hell and miracles. Better Essays 3582 words (10.2 pages) - Generational Differences: The Use Of the Internet Everyone is doing it: surfing the net. Here a view of the differences between leaders corruption in the government essay and managers their roles, responsibilities and qualities. And among children with access, those in low income families were reported to use the computer less than those in high-income families, maybe because most low-income families with computers lacked a connection to the Internet.

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Generational, differences : The Use Of the Internet

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Even in my military branch, where the majority of Marines tend to be younger than 30 years of age, there is a marked generation variety seen. Generation gap is not a thing of my past, nor is it something that I have in store for my future, but it is the thing of my present. Some variables that are not reflected in the data are financial status, marital status, locale, and a wide variety of other things. The Clute Institute, 2009. Generational characteristics can often provide leaders with biased tendencies in their communication styles, however, good leaders can learn to develop and adapt their methods of communication to best address the audience and for changing situations. In a diverse workforce, having a better understanding of others can make the working environment more productive. Better Essays 966 words (2.8 pages) - This paper will be analyzing how is the generational gap affecting our work. However, the percentage of religious individuals among Generation X and Baby boomers has been constantly increasing over the decades. In this vain, managers may be able to cater to a large majority of employees but can miss satisfying the wants and needs of certain individuals.

This could be attributed to their free spirited and liberal nature. A leader needs to be prepared to play a role in order to engender the confidence of his subordinates to readily follow his vision. The paper seeks to explain these differences, why they tend to occur, and how to use those differences to the employers advantage.

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