research paper enron

2001, the companys name immediately became infamous with financial greed, fraud and corruption. This strategy made Fastow along with Lay and Skilling very rich. Enron was one of the worlds leading natural gas, pulp and paper, electricity, and communications companies.

Research paper enron
research paper enron

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Enron itself was born as the result of Houstons Natural Gas and InterNorth, a gas based pipeline company from Nebraska in 1985. These reports were released to investors and employees. Further, as a result of Enron's wrongdoings, the. Write a research paper on the, enron Scandal. The corporate culture at Enron exemplified values of risk taking, aggressive growth, and entrepreneurial creativity. Parent company Enron continued to hide debt by transferring it (on paper) to wholly-owned subsidiaries many of which were named after Star Wars charactersbut still recognized revenue from the subsidiaries, giving the impression that Enron was performing much better than it was. I conclude that Enrons accounting manipulations, rather than being the cause of the problems, were the consequence of managerial failures and wishful blindness by its stakeholders. Once the fraud came to light, the company quickly unraveled and filed for.

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