war against drugs philippines essay

who was killed on the street by unknown assailants, who left a sign that reads "I am a pusher July 23rd 2016. This is the correct position of the President, who is concerned about the state of his nation and his country. During his election campaign Mr Duterte vowed to stamp out crime within six months. The campaign, and Mr Duterte, are very popular. He proved to be a people s advocate and patriot of his country.

War against drugs philippines essay
war against drugs philippines essay

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In this case it is necessary to re-evaluate the situation and explore any alternatives that may offer a more fathomable solution. Of course, the fight against drug traffickers is President duterts achievement. The policy is known as the " War on Drugs". Late 1980's the United States government made such policy and today the results have done little to resolve the problem and have left the country closer to the danger it sought to prevent. An alternative approach called harm reduction has been met with criticism and opposition but has been gaining ground over the past years (Kirschenbaum, 1994). The government spends so much of the citizens money apprehending drug dealers and yet they do not have programs for drug addicts after they get out of rehabilitation (Bush, 2004). Got a writing question?