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spectrum sensing method has better sensing performance than the conventional spectrum sensing method. However, the algorithm is susceptible to low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and few collaborative users, which will greatly affect the system performance. Stable free surface flows with the lattice Boltzmann method on adaptively coarsened grids cite Nils Thuerey, Ulrich Ruede Computing and Visualization in Science; Springer, 2009 Online: WWW Preprint: PDF Video: AVI MPG Abstract: In this paper we will present an algorithm to perform free surface. Next, we enable subtle free-surface phenomena by deriving novel second-order boundary conditions consistent with our discretization.

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wavelet and thesis

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Optimized Free Surface Fluids on Adaptive Grids with the Lattice Boltzmann Method cite Nils Thuerey and Ulrich Ruede Poster; siggraph '05, 2005 Video: AVI Poster: PDF Abstract: PDF Abstract: The algorithm used to simulate essays on the varieties of religious experience the free surface fluid is based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method. Project: WWW, abstract: We propose a novel method to extract hierarchies of vortex filaments from given three-dimensional flow velocity fields. We present a method that only uses flip particles within a narrow band of the liquid surface, while efficiently representing the remaining inner volume on a regular grid. The Lattice-Boltzmann method is an attractive alternative to conventional fluid solvers, due to its simplicity and flexibility, especially for changing geometries and topologies. Project: WWW, abstract: This paper proposes a novel framework to evaluate fluid simulation methods based on crowd-sourced user studies in order to robustly gather large numbers of opinions. Peukert Proceedings of asim '05; SCS Publishing House, 2005 Paper: PDF Abstract: The following work presents a way to simulate the nano-particle behavior in a flow by coupling the Lattice Boltzmann Method to a rigid body physics engine.

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