air pollution causes and solutions essay

is another major pollutant along with Nitrogen Oxides, that is produced from both natural and man made processes. Conserve energy: Switch off fans and lights when you are going out. As shores move further inland animals will have to move and adapt, history has shown how this can decrease populations. In human beings and animals it produces respiratory troubles. Use energy efficient devices: CFL lights consume less electricity as against their counterparts. Global warming, a direct result of the increased imbalance of gases in the atmosphere has come to be known as the biggest threat and challenge that the contemporary world has to overcome in a bid for survival. Major causes of marine pollution involve non-point pollutants, marine garbage, toxic ocean pollutants and sewage disposal in oceans. It occurs when any harmful gases, dust, smoke enters into the atmosphere and makes it difficult for plants, animals and humans to survive as the air becomes dirty. Advertisements: Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution! Global Warming, global warming is a major problem when providing a suitable habitat and lifestyle for ample marine life.

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Air pollution causes and solutions essay
air pollution causes and solutions essay

Acid rain may also be damaging crops (Edelson 42). Respiratory and essay in kannada about natural disasters heart problems: The effects of Air pollution are alarming. During the process dust and chemicals are released in the air causing massive air pollution. Every year many bird species die colliding with needlessly illuminated buildings. The major cause of pollution in the urban areas is automobiles which inefficiently burn petroleum, releases 75 of noise and 80 of air pollutants. While looking at the man-made contributions towards air pollution, smoke again features as a prominent component. Also, air pollution causes a great deal of damage to the environment and property.

Attempt should be made to develop pollution free fuels for automobiles,.g., alcohol, hydrogen, battery power. We should find some effective solutions in order to restore our ecological balance. Nothing will be able to live without water. Manufacturing industries can be found at every corner of the earth and there is no area that has not been affected. Industrial activity, waste disposal, agricultural activities, acid rain, and accidental oil spill are the main causes of soil pollution. We should take advantage of public transportation, walk or ride bikes whenever possible, consolidate our trips, and consider purchasing an electric car.