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Chapter 345, of the Grand Assembly. When youre ready to start writing, open with a one-paragraph statement summarizing who you are, what your project is, how much youre asking for, and what youll use the money for. If the call letters are not shown, the reply may be addressed "An Answer followed by the date of the message to which it is an answer. It must be "opportunity" or nothing. In the regular full rat telegram or the night message. When the clerk tore open the envelope to prepare the telegram for sending, she reached for it indignantly with the exclamation: "The idea! Again, if you are telegraphing a business firm of national prominence, a motor manufacturing company in a large automobile center, a famous bank, or for that matter any bank, or any manufacturing concern of widespread repute, a street address is not needed. Repeat a search engine for thesis and dissertation Back, get Answer, report Delivery, code Books. He added to the volume of traffic from a personal and financial point of view, he has been wasteful because he has spent more for his telegram than was necessary. Punctuation Marks - Marks of punctuation, such as the comma, period, dash, colon, etc., are not transmitted in telegrams unless the sender specifically requests it, and then they are counted and charged for, as one word each.

Words added to the signature by way of identification of the sender, as for example, "John Brown, President and General Manager are charged for. How to Distinguish Between Various Services. The telegraph companies are lenient in their interpretation of the rule regarding extra wards in the signature of a telegram. If you are alive to the need of making every minute count in this modern, high speed age, you will often have occasion to avail yourself of the facilities of the highly organized institutions which have succeeded the old time operator bent over his telegraph.

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No occasion for your taking offense because the forwarded telegram bears charges. In the same line with the number of criminology thesis statement the message and the office call is found the "check or number of words contained in the body of the message. Drop brain dead IE, and. The latitude allowed by the greater number of words permitted in a Night Letter enables them to go into the subject in greater detail, and the Night Letter has, besides, the attention compelling qualities which are the peculiar psychological attribute of the telegram. But when you think of telegraphing someone to "reply at once you may very well save the cost of an unnecessary word and write it, "reply immediately or "reply quickly.". Description Of a Telegram - No doubt many persons have been mystified by the groups of letters and figures at the upper left-hand corner of every telegram. Telegraph operators, like post office employees, are expert in reading handwriting, but even so, words cannot be guessed. Candies, books and cigars, etc., may be ordered in a similar manner, though the florists are somewhat more highly organized. "Report Delivery" - The words "Report Delivery" appearing in the address and counted as two extra words, mean that the manager of the telegraph office at the point of destination will telegraph back to the point of origin a report of the time of delivery. Since marks of punctuation ordinarily are used in written correspondence and their omission may affect the sense of your communication, care must be exercised in the construction of a message from which they are to be excluded. Collect Cards and Their Uses - To obviate any possibility of question arising as to the right to send messages collect, traveling representatives of business firms frequently are provided with Collect Cards issued by the telegraph companies and authorizing employees of the companies to accept. Telegraphic Shopping Service - In addition to the regular money order service, the telegraph companies maintain what is known as a telegraphic shopping service.

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