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early childhood autism. "Autism Spectrum Disorder, 299.00 (F84.0. A b c Myers SM, Johnson CP, Council on Children with Disabilities. The temporal lobe also contains the superior temporal sulcus (STS) and the fusiform face area (FFA which may mediate facial processing. Often children with ASD repeat certain words, numbers, or phrases during an interaction, words unrelated to the topic of conversation.

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thesis autism spectrum disorders

Deficits in ASD are often linked to behavior problems, such as difficulties following directions, being cooperative, and doing things on other people's terms. 48 Low vitamin D levels in early development has been hypothesized as a risk factor for autism. Autism from 2 to 9 years of age. International handbook of autism and pervasive developmental disorders. Diagnostic evaluation of autism spectrum disorders. 65 Temporal lobe edit Functions of the temporal lobe are related to many of the deficits observed in individuals with ASDs, such as receptive language, social cognition, joint attention, action observation, and empathy. This also results in a lack of social awareness and atypical language expression. Chris; Jimerson, Shane. 41 The shank gene family has been associated with symptoms of ASD. Retrieved 13 February 2017. Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

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