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up a fiendish death trap and gloating about your plans before leaving them for dead are all acceptable. Kronk lampshades this at least once. Millard Stoop (a parody of Voldemort) originally planned to curse the infant Torg Potter with a combination of curses that would make it into something small and forgetful that would constantly pee itself and spread the common cold to others. You would think that a man literally driven ragingly insane would just shoot Marino or something equally simple. The plan fails somewhere around step ten when Iron Man puts him in Tony Stark's old life support chest unit.

Tales of the Questor : The Fae, at least the Unseleighe Fae, trend toward this. Byakuya does sacrifice his arm when Zommari aims his power at the Captain's head, though Byakuya allows him to keep taking control of body parts and slicing the tendons for no apparent reason but being too arrogant to use Bankai until he's out of limbs. Overthinking plagued the Japanese at nearly every level during the war. The villains aren't much better - in particular, Descole's convoluted schemes to find The Azran sites before Layton, and protect them from Targent. Called Bahl's Stupifecation, it is a narcotic that has the side effect of bringing about idiotically complex and impractical plans in Dark Wizards with Slytherin tendencies. Deathwhisper rally the cultists! He'd get dizzy if he tried to walk in a straight line.".

They should have invaded right away as now their words are less trustworthy then before as they broke their promise of peace. Kate eventually resolves the situation. Link: Find Championship Hockey (Master System) on eBay Sonic Spinball RetroCollect Game Database Rarity: Very Rare As great as it was that Sega made sure each of their consoles had access to their top releases, there are occasionally some titles which are better left. Voldemort seems to have a bad case of this, with many bizarre plots similar to the ones in canon. They keep assuming that there has to be some big conspiracy/mystery to explain all these odd events and clues they're encountering, when in reality there's totally normal and sensible explanations for all of them. He also has a extreme disdain for uppity wizards who treat sorcerers such as himself as magical imbeciles.

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