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formulate your own response to the text. Again, stress to students you dont have to be an incredible artist to make this work and not to get hung up on details. Learning To Take Notes, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Could it be that students do not know how to take notes, how to summarize or paraphrase text, or how to do a research paper correctly? For full impact, find 3 examples of visual notes taken related to your subject (perhaps even the topic at hand.). What makes good notes. Students watch this one and set up their Cornell system on paper. The other day I took a poll and said everyone go to the left side of the room who prefers that I teach this stuff from the board like I used.

When my students move to electronic notetaking and find that some tools (particularly on the ipad) have some of the visual notetaking tools built right in theyre going to be excited. li /ul Recommended, teaching Complex Topics, online Course - LinkedIn Learning. The source (including the page) in your notes so that you can credit it easily /li /ul Taken from:.

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If students know WHY they take notes (the reinforcement of writing down the words helps put a nudge to the brain that this is important and for recall later) and HOW to take notes theyll be better able to become engineers of their own personal. Incredible Shrinking Notes, a fun 3-step process helps students "boil down" note taking. Ever since I went through the Writing Across the Curriculum Course at my school I realized the tremendous gap between writing as weve taught it traditionally and 21st century writing skills. How could you use visual essays on authoritarian government notetaking as part of the Cornell system youve already learned? As you look at these notes with your partners and look at these examples, fill in your answers to the questions on the back of this page. What do they write down? What are some ways to be a good reader of information? What are some drawbacks of visual notetaking? ul li Many students find that highlighting helps them to concentrate and helps them to understand the text. (And dont for one second think that my class is all videos we have lots of face to face interaction just not for certain things.). More ideas for note-taking. O ne Word for Several (Paraphrase) ul li How to: the original passage until you understand.