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London (always referred to as UCL). 1879 Isis Unveiled: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology nominally by Helena Blavatsky (of the 'Theosophical Society seems to have been a 19th century Jewish intrusion, aimed against 19th century Christianity, without acknowledging the likelihood that Jewish writings had. The Jewish 'elite' mass killings notably in the ussr, and links between them and British and USA Jews explain why they wanted this, and how it was done. But the general view seems to be that they felt enlightened, shining, warm, lighted, goldenthe word Christ being Greek, connected with gold. Much of the east end of London was populated by 'Cockneys the East End was subsequently targeted by Jews, in the same way that Germany and Sweden became targets. Kol Nidre has been described thus: All Jews renew an oath every year to not tell the truth about anything they choose to lie about. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. It's a verbal equivalent of scientific papers using doubtful maths and doubtful or vague concepts: '. I recommend persons trying to get a feel for land tenure and finance in Englandand much of the worldto read Cobbett, in conjunction with revisionist works on the Napoleonic Wars. 1929 Wall Street Crash Great Depression.

A map (p 137) shows routes to the eastern Mediterranean: the sea route, from two ports in southern China, joined Laoying to Alexandria/e land route, rather northerly to avoid mountains and deserts, joined Laoying to Antioch, in the 3rd century. Both are called 'silk routes'. Le systme dvacuation par ventouse cre un conduit artificiel qui vacuera par un des murs extrieurs ou par le toit. A lintrieur de ce conduit, on retrouve en fait deux tuyaux concentriques. Le premier tuyau, le plus petit, vacue les gaz alors que le second, en priphrie, sert lapport en air frais.

Explosions in Britain attributed to suffragettes; targets included churches, libraries, and public glasshouses. This may be an error, as Khazars seem to have not invaded their territory. For example, I found a long piece by Scott Newton in Lobster, a fake anti-conspiracy magazine, of Winter 1998/9. On the Jewish Anti-White pushin this film it's anti-Europenote that anti-white propaganda is a long-term project, rather like the demonisation of the Germans before and during the 20th century; and the Russians; and many other countries and groups. Note that Eisenmenger's 2-volume work was published in about 1711; perhaps this work added to Jew urgency.

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In 1837, he published a formidable attack against the Talmud entitled The Old Paths. Long book by a Jew who seems to have been Russian-speaking brought up in Lower East Side New York. Revisionist Processes: 4 Deep Revisionism My own hope is that new approaches to problems of human groups, power structures, and sets of groups intersecting with others, but bearing in mind the limitations of human beings, will lead to new discoveries, possibly appearing simple, in retrospect;. And similarly in Europe: Napoleon Revisited, too long for inclusion here, looks at the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Legends, and incidentally headed off serious investigation into the Middle Ages. There's similar slow progress in Quranic-related rationalist studies) Note on rationalism: It is possible that rationalist criticism of 'Jewish' books will grow, though if criticism of Christianity in any guide, it may be a slow process: analysis research paper of a disease The King James Bible (published 1611) to the German. (Actually the infiltration of Britain began with the crypto-Jew William Cecil's control of Elizabeth I and her illegitimate children).

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