computer pranks essay

down to these because there are hundreds of pranks out there. Prank 12: Shaving Cream Floor, cover the floor, completely, in fragrant shaving cream. The basic principle works one of a couple of ways: Take a screenshot of the desktop with the icons where they are, set it as the wallpaper, and then hide the desktop icons. Restart now, what happens if you are enjoying a candyman game and your computer suddenly begins to restart? On second thought, maybe dont create a ghost if you teach tiny children. Youll probably want to get rid of the Install icon, of course.

Go in the corner of the room and say suspicious things in a hushed but audible tone like, Well, how can you be sure its me? On April Fools Day, tell your students they finally sent out the district video, and show your students a reel of all of them getting videobombed. Merry Xmas, if you are expecting more gifts this Christmas, candyman has something wonderful for you.

Youre gonna love this! Note: Many of these pranks require being able to access somebodys computer physically, and many others require them to leave their PC logged in and unattended. If they happen to have a laptop with a Synaptics touchpad, you can actually tweak this setting right in the Control Panel Mouse dialog, but otherwise, check out our article covering the script method, that should work anywhere. Combine this with the shutdown shortcut so when they do figure it out and try and open the folder itll give them the shutdown prank too! Mango Delite Pineapple Punch join forces to turn your desktop into something youll never expect! Then tell your students you need to make an important phone call. Just create a new AutoHotkey script and drop in the following two lines of codethe first one is to hide the tray icon, and the second sets up the hotkey for replacing the text. What prank (or pranks) are you going to use this year? As the student interviews, have another teacher behind him or her dancing or making ridiculous faces (make sure the interviewer doesnt laugh or look behind the student!). Either download the Fake Call app or arrange for someone to call you at a certain time on April Fools Day. Edit: I found an internal program in Microsoft called Net Send. Tell a group of students ahead of time that youre going to pretend to get mad at them for something very small and send them to the office, but tell them to hang out around the corner.