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estimated that there are 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today, and their impact on the economy can be perceived as positive as well as negative. With this immigrant work force, there are advantages, such as reduced production costs, increased production of commodities, reduced prices, increase in exports, and, eventually, an improved economy. The Irish endured aversion and a strong anti-Catholic sentiment; including the creation of a political party, The Know Nothings, the platform was built on anti-immigration and anti-Catholicism (Diner, 2008). In her argument, she gives an example with the case of United States where the immigrants have phd thesis robotics fully ventured into the American Dream. Companies such as Wells Fargo and., cisco, GAP Inc. These immigrants not only bring in new investments, but they also help to create jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. He argues that not all immigrants arre legally living in the host country because most of them illegally enter other countries (Gregory 56).

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Many scholars have acknowledged the need for proper legislation that can enable countries gain from the economic benefits of immigration, while at the same time regulating the practice to prevent the country from the negative impacts, things i like about myself essays such as insecurity and strain on social amenities. The division in opinion is clear, those who support immigration and those who do not. The lowest class, the Irish population predominantly Catholic, were outcasts among the protestant Americans. He points out that the.S. Many resources are being utilized to enforce and protect the border. Thus, he argued that denying immigrants the freedom to exploit the opportunities in other developed countries is an attempt to prevent them from improving their economic status (Pundit 43). Cutler further argued that immigration should not be encouraged since most of the immigrants are poor and, therefore, consume the available resources without contributing much to the economies of the host countries. The focus is currently on security and streamlining immigration processes as it relates to documenting immigrants and processing the current applications. Cutler observes that a significant percentage of illegal immigrants engage in criminal activities and exist as fugitives in foreign countries, where they are able to hide their identities.

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