essay on foreign tourism in india

of Shivalik hills. Tourism IN india, it is reported that tourism in India is gaining ground for the last several years. The waterfalls of Andes and Amazon in Brazil are quite popular among the tourists as they flock there in large numbers. This is the most beautiful scenic land in the world and is known as the Alps of Shivalik Hills. At present, there are 450 National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and protected areas in the country. Nature watching is the best pastime hobby. The birds are amazingly most beautiful, multi colour and sing the sweetest songs of life. Otherwise, tourists will avoid India undermining our effort to project ourselves as a soft power. Besides this, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have some most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries known for their amazing beauty and rich fauna and flora. The natural spectrum of wild lands always encourage people from far and near to travel the scenic lands.

There is a great need of a permanent Rest House with food at Tekka the beautiful place and a paradise of nature. The wildlife is rich and abundant as mountain tigers, bears, deers, wildboars, primates porcupines, ghoral (now extinct rabbits, wild foxes, weasels, wild cats and several other mountain animals, are found in the deep forests and valleys. At that expensive time all the forests remain silent and provide a real happiness amidst bright moonlit nights. The place is known for its heavily dotted forests and beautiful wildlands.

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essay on foreign tourism in india

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It should be ensured that the tourists are not exploited by the people here. Bharsaar is a beautiful mountain Resort in Pabau block. It has a large population of Asian elephants, tigers, leopards, primates, reptiles, avies and orthopoda to enjoy the beauty of wildlife adventure. The park has been fully commercialised by the South African Government. At present.5 million tourists are visiting India annually and most of them are wild essays children urdu life tourists or tourists interested to visit natural areas. Mumbai is a popular travel destination in India and one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. There is some impact of tourism but it can be overcome by some skillful ways of park authorizes and staff. Lupiya, Loichatta, Pathar Chatta: These are the rock worts and are known for their curative properties.